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OneClickLogistics conception characterize an unique idea which is intelligently combined with the each needs of logistics project. The idea is going to automate processes in a satisfactory cost. It is a set of solutions to support concepts leading to determine the way of reduction of time, length of roads, use of materials, fleet utilization aimed to improve logistics for higher level. With minimum of contribution get maximum benefits. The concept was established on the basis of long-term follow-up, cases, asked questions and experiences of the participants of the project. We do hope that our idea has already infected you and you will discover in yourself desire to build up an efficient logistics, cheaper, more productive, based on the concepts of OneClickLogistics  with us.


Complicated can be simple

Five steps to become OneClickLogistics:

  • Describe your logistics process
  • Divide in to simple elements
  • Analyze the processes
  • Try to optimize each component
  • Check if combination of two steps will bring you the effect of optimization, combine them



We decided to  build up together the new standard of efficient logistics. We save time and money together. Finally, we simplify complex processes together. Carefully planned and developed functionality of OneClickLogistics provides us sophisticated comfort of work. With equal care and precision OneClickLogistics  appoint  common area of the project but also leave you space  for individuality.


To be more eco

Logistics can has a big impact on the ecology because of the size of process. Due to OneClickLogistics we  care for less use of gas-guzzling resources polluting the environment, smaller cars, better loaded vehicles, the optimal reduce the amount of delivery and reduce emition of CO2.

Because of OneClickLogistics now we are eco.



Through the use of IT systems supporting the data processing and complicated mathematical algorithms.
These systems have to support human activities in the planning strategy, variants simulation, but also at the stage of tactical preparation  as well as operating daily calculation for  making decisions.



An extremely important point of all logistics activities is the strategic planning process. Systems can support different aspects of this issue like:

  • Supply Chain Network Optimization
  • Product flow – Logistics Path Optimization
  • Delivery network Design
  • Sales operation planning


Tactical planning and daily implementation reduces cost but also optimizes the cost of preparing:

  • Line structure
  • Chose available resources
  • Time table for line based traffic


Daily optimal calculation of every tiny step in process is performed many time at high frequency:

  • vehicle routing (time windows)
  • vehicle routing (multiple depot)
  • vehicle routing (source deadlines)
  • vehicle routing (load planning)

Real time

  • continuous route planning with new orders allocated to routes
  • GPS and mobile data system needed

For Whom

For Whom

Logistics processes occur in all of kinds of companies and often we do not realize that we are part of this logistics processes.

In addition of conventional processes, the process may also take place in for example sales department or organization.


Logistics companies

Logistics companies – for many supply chains due to overlapping processes these challenges are even much bigger.


Production factories

Production factories (where logistics is part of process) – can optimize a delivery vehicle size, method of transport, auctions, collect data of subcontractors, self-billing, etc.


Service companies

Service companies – selection of areas for support, departments support by individual service departments, implementation of weekly plans, billing,



Distributors –selection of: terminal, area, the size and quality of the fleet,



Have you ever wondered …

1. How to reduce the number of cars and choose the most optimal, how to reduce the time and miles while maintaining high levels of customer service

2. How to optimally plan considering lots of variables and dynamic environment?

3. How to improve the efficiency working time of the planners and minimize the uncertainty linked with the lack of data?

4. How to minimize the cost of transportation and flexibly choose the best  transport subcontractors?

5. How not to waste time for communication by the telephone and email  in orders realizations?

If you answered YES in any questions, answer yourself if you want to be OneClickLogistics.


Are you interested in our ideas?

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Just contact us and let us know about your logistics problems.



„Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

Alice in Wonderland